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Ramadhan SALE

Hello all!

I’m soooooo sorry for the lack of update here. Actually, a lot of things have been happening since the launching of Fat Bunny Second Collection. I got pregnant and decided to resign and move back to my hometown in Bekasi for good (which I actually wrote on my personal journal). I also started to work from home and turned some space in my house into a little office 🙂

Working from home as a full time creative worker (can I even call myself ‘creative worker’?) and also a mom-to-be surely bring a lot of inspirations for new collection. So I decided to put the unsold stuff on sale. There were not many of them left. Actually 2/3 were already sold. Still I hope for a fresher beginning for the new collection! :3

Sooo, here they are:

  1. Canvas pouches of La Vacacion, Royal Darling, Tres Belle & Sugar.
    • Buy 1: 70k IDR
    • Buy 2: 120k IDR
    • Buy 3: 150k IDR
    • Buy 4: 180k IDR
  2. Fridge magnet
  3. 2 packs of pin badges with 1 one pack price: 24k IDR!


For the SALE, you can contact me through:
– Instagram Direct Message @byputy
– FB message
– LINE ID: putyp
– email\

Cheers! 😀

So yesss, finally in February, Fat Bunny comes with new look of website, collection to shop, and easier purchasing method! Yay! 😀

This collection consists of canvas multipurpose pouch, pin badge and fridge magnet. The canvas pouch was inspired by my daily need of something to bring during lunch break that could accommodate my big smart phone, wallet &hand sanitizer yet smaller than tote bag. So I make them 24 x 20cm, big enough even for my A5 sized sketch book. And yes, they come with pin badges matching each design!Pouch-Strange Library-Front

This one is my personal favorite as someone who loves books yet often abandons them :p

Below is the complete gang!

I also have some pin badges sold separately and… FRIDGE MAGNETS! 😀

Well, actually fridge magnets came into my mind when someone was asking me what to bring during a house warming party. Some people can’t just come empty handed yet buying things for someone’s house might be a bit tricky. Yet I think, fridge magnet is always a not so expensive yet safe option. So, yes, I gave them a try.

The thing is, I had a lot of fun making them. Really hope that they can cheer things up!

Happy shopping!

I hope that the Star Wars fever hasn’t ended yet because I’m launching the first product of Fat Bunny: Star Wars x byputy pin badges! 😀

There are 6 Star Wars’ classics: Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Chewbacca ‘Chewie’, Yoda, Luke Skywlalker and his light saber, plus the beloved Princess Leia Organa. Then in the name of the 7th Star Wars, The Force Awakens, I added Sphero the BB8 and half-heartedly left R2-D2 ;’)

Only limited stock available & for shipping in Indonesia.

Material: Plastic
Diameters: 44mm

1 pack of 7: IDR 50,000
1 pack of 7:
IDR 50,000
Excluding Shipping Fee
1 pack of 3 | IDR 22,000 | Excluding Shipping Fee
1 pack of 3:
IDR 22,000
Excluding Shipping Fee
1 pack of 2: IDR 15,000 | Excluding Shipping Fee
1 pack of 2:
IDR 15,000
Excluding Shipping Fee

Personally I love pin badges because you really can put them anywhere!

Please contact me through email: or LINE id: putyp

Cheers! 😉

Update per January 5th, 2016:

SOLD OUT, thank you all 🙂