New Collection: Girl Power!

New Collection: Girl Power!

It’s been a week since I launched the third collection of Fat Bunny by Puty and I haven’t found time to write a blurb. Just like the previous collections, I did everything (except production) by myself from designing, getting in touch with the supplier, taking and editing photos for the product catalog and lookbook, putting everything on the website, making promotional contents on Instagram, answering to customers, all administration, packaging the orders, and dropping everything to the shipping agent (twice a week).

Well, but now here I am, sneaking out from my bedroom after my son fell asleep. Let me write something about this collection 🙂

So basically there are 4 tote bags, 4 shopping bags (larger yet thinner than the standard tote bags), 3 sets of pin badges and a mirror key chain paired with a pin badge. Everything was inspired by movies, TV series, book and everyday experiences, and everything is all about girl & women power.

Yes, there are Princess Leia Rey from Star Wars who fly spaceships and fight. There are Pretty Soldiers from Sailor Moon who fight beautifully with mini skirts, ribbons and shiny crystal. There is Eleven (011) from Stranger Things who fights with and for her squad. There is Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland who wasn’t afraid of The Queen shouting “Off with her head!” and called them out as just a pack of cards.

Sailor Moon Tote Bag

There is Celine from Before Sunrise. I know she didn’t fight a monster or something, but if you’re a fan of the trilogy (as I am) you must be able to feel her charm and wit that drew Jessie for years.

Before Sunrise Tote Bag

There is a shopping bag dedicated to nursing mommas who are not only super because they make milk but also because they survived giving birth. With all the hauntingly beautiful scars, mothers still need to survive motherhood that (sometimes) includes impossible standards and multiple definition of ‘good mother’. I created this ‘Persatuan Ibu-Ibu Habis Menyusui Ikut Ketiduran’ (Association of Mothers Who Fall Asleep While Breastfeeding) to say: For every mother out there, don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay to fall asleep with your baby and skip some house chores sometimes. You should enjoy the moment. You deserve some rest.

Association of Mothers Who Fall Asleep While Breastfeeding

The last but not least, shopping bag themed (on-and-off) yogini. I created this shopping bag based on my own experience skipping yoga class too often. Some people think that it only looked cute (or awkward because the girl is contrary to popular image of yogini who’s usually slim and toned), but I have my personal mission: I don’t want to draw only skinny characters. I have nothing against slim and fit ladies, I adore them. However, I think that girls / women / ladies should feel comfortable about their own bodies. It’s okay to do yoga or zumba or 10k imperfectly, slowly, with some visible extra kilograms. Exercise is for everyone, not just for people who want to be and stay slim.

My point is:

Girls / women / ladies are powerful. They can fight and be badass. I don’t see it as a competition with boys / gentlemen, instead, we should complete each other. So, girls / mothers / pretty ladies, let’s empower and respect each other because I know that we all have our own battles, and together we will survive!

You can shop them here.


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